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Here Is How It All Works:

  1. Sign UP for the Affiliate Program 
  2. Attend a mandatory Training Call (be sure to book at least 1 hour of your time)
  3. Understand the program basics to get the maximum benefit of this Affiliate structure
  4. Refer Clients = Get Paid $$$$

What are Progressive Commissions? 

The progressive commission model allows you to earn a much higher rate based on your performance. Unlike the other "affiliate" programs out there, we believe that giving you the freedom to earn more from your referrals is the key to mutual success. 

Here is an example:

Tier 1 --> 10 clients per month = 20% per client

Tier 2 --> 20 clients per month = 25% per client

Tier 3 --> 30 clients per month = 30% per client

Tier 4 --> 40+ clients per month = 35% per client


We also give you a 5% per client BONUS for being consistent for 90 days

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In Summary, Here's What You're Getting Access To:

  1. Weekly Coaching Calls to Help You Succeed (business mentoring by Ali Tarafdar)
  2. Access to a Private Portal for Training
  3. TOP AFFILIATES Rewards and Paradise Escapes (meet and greet other top-performing affiliates to take your business to the next level)
  4. Complete Support with Minimal Effort from Your Side
  5. Outstanding Progressive Commissions 
  6. BONUS Payouts Based On Consistent Performance
  7. Preferential Rates for Our Services

Aside from all the benefits listed above, you will be first to know when we launch new programs that complement our existing business model. This will not only help you excel in your ability to earn more but it will immediately give you a "first mover's" advantage.