Would You Like to Master Your Credit and Gain Access to Virtually Unlimited Financial Confidence?

Discover the most sought after  one of a kind Financial Mentorship Program where you will be able to Establish Pristine Credit while being able to Build Wealth 3x to 5x faster

Imagine being able to access Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on the premise of a Solid Financial Plan and Strategy?

Imagine how your life would be if you were able to instantly make purchases in the Thousands to even Tens of Thousands of Dollars without the worry on if you will be able to afford it or not?

You might also be thinking - “Yes I understand that obtaining substantial credit is possible, but I’ve been through this before Ali, and I have not gotten the results that I wanted.”

And, you may also be asking yourself - “How can someone like me have access to all this money, I have terrible Credit...”

Best Credit Resources was established as a platform for providing an all in one, Financial Mentorship Program - which will help you go through Complete Financial Transformation

And YES, that includes Transforming your Credit too!

We’re proud of some of the pretty cool things that we’ve done over the years and here are just a few examples...

  • Helped over 2000 individuals establish Stellar Credit through our Flagship Credit Repair and Rebuilding Program

  • Written the most comprehensive and hands-on Credit Repair and Financial Strategy book called “The United Credit of America

  • Turned around families who were on the brink of bankruptcy - which directly resulted in keeping them together while helping them establish Financial Confidence

  • Gave CLARITY and DIRECTION to individuals who were not sure of what to do about their Financial Goals - resulting in peace of mind and boost in confidence knowing that they can follow the exact 6 to the 12-month blueprint that we’ve helped them Create...

Here’s an Inside Look at what our Flagship Program Consists of:

  1. The Best and Most Sought After CREDIT REPAIR Program which will jump start your Financial Goals by giving you access to Better Scores that last...

  2. Instantly gain Access to a Mentor who’s been in the business for 8 Years and has gone through the Economic Disaster that took place in 2008 and 2009. (Learn from the mistakes that I’ve helped hundreds of Customers correct while getting access to the most acclaimed prestigious financial advice)...

  3. A Master Session on Creating a 6 to 12 Month Financial Plan that goes deep into helping you uncover Financial and Personal Needs so that you’re able to lead your life happily while making money decisions with ease and confidence

  4. Tools to help you get Approved for New Credit Accounts so that you can Build Better Financial Relationships with the same institutions

  5. Access to all my Capital Sources based on Established High Credit Scores, which can result in you walking away with $150,000 to $500,000 + in Personal Funding!

  6. And, so much more

Here’s what Others like You are saying about The Financial Mentorship Program:

Ali has done a fantastic job putting together a proactive plan to tackle our debts. It was very thorough and provided much clarity. I can confidently say that I will retire happy and worry-free."  - James Paterson (Atlanta, GA)


I was not sure if my credit could be fixed. I was wrong. Ali gave me clear direction on what to do. Not only did his team fix my credit, he personally provided me with some mentoring to help me get into Real Estate. I know a lot of people are scared of making the committment, but in the end, it's well worth it." - Sherry Valdez (Houston, TX)


Saved over $33,500! Through Ali's mentorship, I was able to get a grip on some high-interest debts. They were eating away my cash flow and I had to skip out on many vacations. I'm glad I met Ali and I am very happy for having gone through his guidance. Not only is he very educated but has a strong acumen in terms of business. I highly recommend him." - John O'Neil (New York, NY)

Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know...

  • Customers are often baffled when traditional Credit Repair companies leave them hanging after cleaning up one or two items at most...

  • There is over a 90% drop off rate when it comes to Clients continuing their Credit Repair objectives with Credit Repair Agencies, even though they have paid (not to mention the many months of time that were lost...)

  • Due to such high levels of disappointments, clients are left to switch in between Companies, hoping and praying for positive outcomes... (This is actually very bad as two separate companies will never communicate with each other about your financial goals... they just want to get paid and pretend to work hard...)

 With that said,

You Basically Have 3 Options Here:

A - You can GIVE UP on your Dreams of building the Life you want - where you are Financially Confident and can make purchases with peace of mind.

But, frankly, you wouldn’t have read up to this point, if that were the case...

B - Entrust your Credit and Financial Matters to others who DO NOT Qualify to cater to your needs, especially in the matters of Planning and Financial Mentoring... and, keep your Fingers Crossed, hoping and praying that a great outcome is achieved...

Once again, that sounds like a BIG leap of faith, and quite honestly, I’m sure you don’t want to waste your precious time on “experiments” when it comes to matters of Credit and Money...



C - Have Best Credit Resources walk you through everything that you’ll ever need and join the most sought after Financial Mentorship Program to fast track your way to Financial Confidence, Prosperity and Great Wealth (Not to mention the advanced financial strategies that you get access to for being a privileged member)

After 8 years in business, I can confidently tell you that no other Companies can match the VALUE and Outcomes that you’ll be able to achieve using What I’ve put Together in this Unique One of a Kind Program

Here’s What You Need to Do Right Now:


Request Access to Join the Prestigious Financial Mentorship Program and we’ll have one of our Specialists reach out to You personally to prepare an Audit.

To Recap, Here’s A Short Summary of What You’ll be Getting Access To, by Joining Today...

  • The Best Credit Repair and Rebuilding Service in the Industry...

  • Access to the Members Only Mentorship Program - which is highly sought after
    (I normally charge upwards of $5,000 to $25,000 depending on their needs - for clients to spend a day with me)

  • FREE Paperback Copy of my Book, the “United Credit of America” signed by me, sent directly to you

  • Getting the Funding You Need after a 6 to 12-month Financial Plan

  • First to be notified, where you can RSVP to Join Me on one of our yearly Private Island Escapes where you’ll spend 3-5 quality days going deep into Financial Strategies and Wealth Building Tactics that only the Most Affluent and Sophisticated Investors use - while being able to enjoy some leisure time with like-minded individuals