Are you looking for Personal Funding?

Having worked with over 2200+ clients based on all sorts of financial scenarios, I can confidently tell you that if your file is not structured right, getting personal funding may be difficult.

Here at Best Credit Resources - our goal is very simple.

Get you the funding that you need, with the simplest requirements possible. This not only helps expedite the process of getting the initial funding that you need, but it also gives you more flexibility to build a strong credit file over time so that you can qualify for more funding down the road. 

How much can you qualify for?

It all depends on a few factors. Look at some of the questions below to get a clear picture:

  1. What kind of Credit Score do you have (anything below 680 can be easily denied by most creditors)
  2. How much history do you have in terms of credit on your 3-Bureau Reports?
  3. Do you have any derogatory items that are showing in your file? (I.E.: Collections, inquiries, late payments, public records, etc)

The above-referenced points are just some of the factors to look into, albeit that they are major underwriting decision-making points. 

If your Personal Credit File is not strong enough, you may want to consider doing some Credit Repair. Best Credit Resources offers you one of the most comprehensive Credit Repair programs that integrate financial strategy and planning to help you get the maximum funding possible. 

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